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I can't find the Twitter thread now but a while ago I saw a discussion with people discussing what you need to do to generate an amount of money per month from your website.

Being the developer that I am I popped an item in my todo list to throw together a quick calculator to help people with a rough estimate as to what they might need to do.

The result of that is the below site traffic calculator.

Simply move the first slider to your desired monthly earnings and then move your second slider to your RPM.

If you're currently with an ad platform you can choose your current average RPM.

If you're not then you can have a look online for average RPM's by Niche. The FatStacksBlog has this guide on their estimated RPMs . There is also another guide on the NicheSafari site although this one might be slightly out of date now.

What you can see in the results is the amount of traffic you need, this is then split by the number of traffic per page over 3 scenarios. A 50, 100 and 250 page site.

Traffic to Earnings Calculator

Desired Monthly Earnings $1,000

Estimated CPM $10

How you can get there

You'll need to be pulling in around 100,000 pageviews a month which equates to around 3333 pageviews per day.

If you create a site with 50 pages, each of those pages will need 67 pageviews per page, per day.

Create a site with 100 pages and you'll need to pull in 33 pageviews per page, per day.

Create even more content and get up to 250 pages and you'll only need 13 pageviews per page, per day.

What would someone be willing to pay for this site?

Well that depends but as a rough estimate based on what I've seen on certain website sales sites you could be looking at anything from 15x to 30x your monthly profit.

For this example that could be worth between $15,000 and $30,000.

If you're currently only using Google AdSense to monetise your site you should give Ezoic a test, their approval process is super quick too. When I moved over I tripled my earnings pretty much straight away! You can sign up for Ezoic on this link . One perk of the above tool is that it can work as and Ezoic earnings calculator too, just add in your RPM and tweak the traffic to create some new targets.

Once you get to 50,000 monthly pageviews you would naturally move over to MediaVine and then at 100,000 you would move to AdThrive to capitalise on better RPM and better ads for your site. As you might expect this tool can also work as a

What to do next?

Chances are you've probably looked at the results and thought "I need to publish more content!" You're building a Niche site of course you'll need more content!

I recently published 100 well optimised, long form pages targeting low competition keywords on one of my sites. Some of these are already ranking and its been less that 1 month since they launched.

All of these were written in about a week using a fairly new writing tool called Cuppa . Its was originally built by Ian Nuttall before they sold it and pulls together some of the best articles I've seen of any AI writing tool.

Final shameless plug

The main part of day job I work as a web developer, tools and calculators can be great for driving traffic to your sites. If you ever need one building for your site get in touch and I can help pull something together for you.

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